Top Ten Reasons Students Choose Northeastern

10. We are Colorado's Largest Two-year Residential College, complete with six residence halls.

9. We Offer Over 80 Programs of Study, including many transfer programs and some very specialized career and technical degrees and certificates.

8. We Have Students From All Over, from over 60 Colorado counties, more than 20 states and several foreign countries.

7. Our Average Class Size is 22 Students, so you can ask questions and have the attention that can eventually make you successful.

6. We Offer Over 30 Clubs and Organizations, so you can become involved and enjoy your college experience as well as become a well balanced student.

5. We Have Celebrated Over 60 Years of Success! We have history that proves we are an excellent institution of higher education.

4. We Have An Awesome Location for those who desire to concentrate on school but still want to have easy access to city entertainment.

3. Our Graduation rate Is Twice the National Average and remember, "it doesn't completely count if you don't finish." Approximately 96% of NJC transfer graduates are accepted at Colorado public 4-year institutions and 76.5% of NJC graduates who transfer on to 4-year colleges complete a degree program.

2. You can Save Money by taking courses here first, then transferring those courses to the college or university you eventually plan to graduate from.

AND...the Number One Reason Students Choose Northeastern..

1. You Get The Best of Both Worlds! Small classes with individual instruction at a reasonable cost, while also enjoying the clubs, dances, athletics and social opportunities a residential campus offers.