Adrianne, Class of 2013Are you paying your way through college? Me too.

Let’s talk for a second.

My name is Adrianne Eager and I graduated Gunnison High School in 2011. I had a 3.9 GPA and was accepted to several big name colleges, out of state universities and private schools. But, maybe like you, I have to pay for my own education, so I chose to attend Northeastern. Northeastern offers some unbelievable advantages over the bigger schools I was looking at:

  • Small classes, all taught by professional teachers, not grad students
  • A small enough campus to get involved and get noticed
  • An awesome college experience with dorm life
  • And transferability of all the credits I earned here to enter CSU in the fall as a junior

And that’s not even the best part.

My two years here have cost me what one semester at a private or out of state school would have, and it is less than half the price of other instate schools. With the Colorado 2+2 Guarantee I get the same classes and college experience that bigger schools offer, for half their price. So far I have saved an average of $22,000 a year by starting here. College is expensive, and as a business major I have watched other students with big loans go down a slippery slope.

Let’s talk about your plans, your money and what you need; visit the Cost to Attend section and look at what it really costs to attend and what a start at Northeastern could mean for you.