Northeastern Junior College

Student Fees

Mandatory Fees for All Students

Registration Fee: $13.75 per semester. Used to defray the cost of admission, registration and Graduation.

Technology Fee: $3.00 per credit with a $36.00 maximum. These revenues support the computer laboratory facilities and the administrative computer system.

Bond Fee: $4.00 per credit with a $60.00 maximum.  Approved by a vote of the student body Jan 1998 to be used for parking lot improvements.

Student Activity Fee: $3.00 per credit with a $36.00 maximum.  Revenues support the ASG operations, special activities sponsored for the students and student organizations allocated by the ASG.

Additional Mandatory Fees for Students with 12 or more credits 

Health Center Operations: $30.00 Revenues allow students to be seen at The Family Care Clinic, located at 615 Fairhurst, in Sterling.  Student can be seen by staff without charge; however, fees are assessed to all patients to cover the cost of strep screening, urine screening, lab procedures and supplies, such as braces, condoms, bandages, etc.

Event Center Operations: $125.00 Entitles student to the use of the Bank of Colorado Event Center facilities and entrance to all regularly scheduled athletic events in the facility.

Course Fees

Instructional Fee: $7.20 per credit hour.  Various courses have specific fees and charges to defray the additional costs incurred.  This fee is set by the State Board.

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