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Ambassador Application

Your Ambassador Application will not be considered complete until the Admissions Office, located in Hays Student Center 137, has recieved this form and the following items by April 24th:

Letters of recommendation or nomination forms can be dropped by any time before May 1

If you are selected, we will require photos of you to be placed on display in our admissions office and to be sent to your hometown newspaper(s) to announce your selection. You do not need to submit a photo with your application unless you desire to do so. You may provide a photo once you are selected. If you do not have any photos, we will take some of you for these purposes.

Interviews and application reviews will be held in December in the Hays Student Center Room 137 Conference Room. Please schedule your interview time when you turn in your application to the Admissions Office. There will be a sign up sheet with available times listed. You will interview in front of a panel of admissions staff, NJC staff and/or faculty members.

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