Alerts regarding School Closures & Inclement Weather

Before driving to the campus, all staff and students are advised to check the NJC Facebook page, website, Student Email, Text message notices, and local radio announcements regarding possible campus closures.

In the event of a total campus closure, notification will be sent via the emergency notification system through text messages, the NJC website, and announcements on local radio stations. Please do not venture out if the college has announced an official closure.

If the campus is NOT closed, then students are asked to check their student email accounts for messages from individual instructors as to whether or not specific classes are cancelled. We recognize that some instructors may not be able to make it to campus, depending on the road and weather conditions where they reside. Faculty—please send email notices to your students if you are not able to make it to campus.
Students—please check your emails before you drive to campus. And students, if conditions are not safe for you to drive to campus, please do not venture out. Your safety comes first!

To those students who reside on the NJC campus, food service will still be provided even if the campus is officially closed.

I encourage anyone to contact me with any questions. And stay tuned to the emergency notification methods that have been stated in this email.

Steve M. Smith
Vice President of Student Services
Northeastern Junior College
100 College Avenue
Sterling, CO 80751
(970) 521-6657—office