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Institutional Research

Coordinator of IR, Planning and Development

Leslie Weinsheim
phone: 970.521.6714
fax: 970-522-4945


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NJC is part of the Colorado Community College System

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The primary mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to provide information for use in enrollment management, strategic planning, Federal and State reporting requirements, and data support for grants. This office also provides appropriate research design and statistical analysis of data related to numerous campus activities including accountability; assessment of student learning; curriculum development; institutional effectiveness; long range planning; program review; student enrollment, retention, transfer and graduation; and staffing. In support of this mission, this office responds to internal and external requests for data. The Office of Institutional Research assists in making information related to NJC easy to access for interested parties. The links on this page provide information sharing characteristics of the college.


Fall Enrollment 2018
Summer Enrollment 2018
Spring Enrollment 2018
Fall Enrollment 2017
Summer Enrollment 2017
Spring Enrollment 2017
Fall Enrollment 2016
Summer Enrollment 2016
Spring Enrollment 2016
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Academic Profile

Fall 2017 Academic Profile
Fall 2017 Infographic
Fall 2016 Academic Profile
Fall 2016 Infographic

Graduates Surveys

2018 Graduate Survey

Graduate Profile

2017 Graduate Profile

Equity in Athletics

Athletics Equity 2018
Athletics Equity 2017
Athletics Equity 2016
Athletics Equity 2015

National Community College Benchmarking Project

2017 Core Academic Skills Infographic
2017 Retention Rates Infographic
2017 Completion Rates Infographic 

IPEDS Reports

2016 IPEDS Report
2015 IPEDS Report
2014 IPEDS Report

Student Outcome Data

2017 Retention, Transfer and Graduation Report
2017 Pass Rates Licensure Report

Common Data Set

2018 Common Data Set
2017 Common Data Set

CCCS Fact Book

2016 - 2017 Fact Book
2015 - 2016 Fact Book
2014 - 2015 Fact Book

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