Stanton Gartin

Executive Vice President

Walker Hall #210 | 970-521-6650 | 

Stanton Gartin. Stanton has a long history with NJC. He attended as a student from 1978-80 and during his second year served as Associated Student Government President and was recognized as the Outstanding Agriculture Student.

In 1997, he returned to NJC to serve as the head of the Agriculture Department and as administrative staff retired, he assumed supervisory duties for the Business Department and the Health and Physical Education Department. From 2003-2005, he served as Dean of Career and Technical Programs, overseeing all CTE programs at the college. In 2005, he was asked to serve as the Vice President for Academic Services, a position that had been vacant the two previous years. 

He serves as the college's CTE Director and Credentialing Officer, manages the Carl Perkins Grant, and directs the college's Strengthening Institutions Program Grant (Federal Title III Grant) which will run through September 2019.  He chairs the college's Learning Services Council and the Curriculum and Instruction Committee.

Prior to working at NJC, Stanton taught vocational agriculture at Holyoke High School, served as the Assistant Director for Resident Instruction - College of Agriculture Sciences at Colorado State University, taught Ag Marketing at the Center for Farm Business Management in Pratt, Kansas, and taught and served as the head of the Agriculture Department at Cloud County Community College in Concordia, Kansas. 

Stanton's wife, Sharilyn, also graduated from NJC and their four children all attended NJC.  Their two sons are ministers.  One daughter who was a Family and Consumer Science teacher at Cherry Creek High School who recently had a baby and has decided to be a stay at home mom.  Their other daughter is a Nurse Anesthetist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.