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EAB Library

As a subscriber, every employee of the college is allowed access to the extensive research library that EAB provides. This library is easily searched and covers a vast array of research projects. Just this morning, I found interesting articles on developmental education, residence halls, fundraising, communications, and faculty/administration relations.

In order to take advantage of the services provided you will have to create a web login on
1. Go to the website, at
2. On the top left of the homepage, hover over the “Member Login” bar and select “New User.”
3. The “New User” link takes you to the registration page through which you will be prompted to provide your location, institution name, and your name. You will also create a unique password for EAB.
4. After filling in the above information, click “submit.” This will generate an email to your NJC email account. This email will provide a confirmation code and a link to login to the EAB website. Copy the confirmation code, go to the login website and paste the confirmation code into the login box.
5. From that point forward you will have access to EAB research library.

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