How many nursing programs are there at NJC?

NJC has four program options:

  • Nurse Aide Program (NA): consists of 2 courses NUA 101 Nurse Aide Health Care Skills (4 credits) and NUA 170 Nurse Aide Clinical Experience (1 credit). These 2 courses consist of classroom, lab and clinical experience. Once both courses are satisfactorily completed the students may take a written and practical test to become a certified nurse aide (CNA) through the Colorado State Board of Nursing. The nurse aide program is offered 4 times a year: fall semester, over winter break, spring semester and over summer break.
  • Practical Nursing (PN) exit option after one year of the Associate of Applied Science in Nursing (ADN Program). Students take a summer course NUR 169 Transition into Practical Nursing (4 credits) and are eligible to take the NCLEX-PN (practical nursing state board exam) to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (PN).
  • Associate Degree of Applied Science in Nursing (ADN) is a full time 2 year program once prerequisite courses are completed. After successful completion the graduate can take the NCLEX-RN (nursing state board exam) to become a Registered Nurse (RN).
  • LPN to Associate Degree Program: LPNs can complete a course NUR 189 Transition from LPN to ADN (3 credits) and then enter the second year of the 2 year program. After successful completion of the second year the graduate can take the NCLEX-RN (nursing state board exam) to become a Registered Nurse (RN).

How do I apply to the nursing programs?

The first step to apply to the nursing program is to apply for admission to Northeastern Junior College. Applying is free.

  • Nurse Aide Program registration can be completed by setting up an appointment with the nursing office (970) 521-6701.
  • Other nursing program applications are on-line. You must complete the prerequisite courses before applying.

Can I apply for these programs anytime?

Yes applications are accepted at any time for the nursing programs with the exception of the nurse aide program. Students who have applied on or before June 1st will receive preferential consideration for the August start. Selection of the class is competitive and based on a point system. Points are awarded based on the following:

  • prerequisites Grade Point Average
  • results of pre-nursing test (Kaplan)
  • certification as a nurse aide
  • prior associate or bachelor’s degree
  • residing in NJC’s service area

Nurse aide course registration follows the registration dates set up by the college for each term.

Do I need to take a test before getting accepted to the nursing program?

NJC’s nursing students need to show that they are ready for college course work in reading, math and science. One way to show this level of skills is by a standardized test such as ACT or SAT. See the nursing office for more information.
All nursing students need to take a pre-nursing test. NJC’s counseling office gives the Kaplan pre-nursing test. The test evaluates skills in English, reading, math and science. Payment of $25 is required at the time you schedule the test. Call the counseling office at (970) 521-6663 to set up an appointment. Study guides are available.

Do I need to complete the nursing prerequisite courses before applying to the nursing program?

Yes, prerequisite course must be completed before applying to the nursing program and the GPA for prerequisite courses needs to be a 2.5 or higher. Prerequisites include:

  • ENG 121 English Composition I
  • HPR 108 Dietary Nutrition or HWE 100 Human Nutrition
  • BIO 201 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO 202 Anatomy and Physiology II
  • PSY 235 Human Growth and Development

Note: BIO courses are valid for 7 years from the time of completion to the start of the nursing program

Do all general education courses need to be completed before entry into the two-year ADN nursing program?

No, general education courses can be completed while in the two-year ADN program; however, nursing faculty recommend you take as many general education courses before entry into the nursing program as possible. General education courses include:

  • BIO 204 Microbiology
  • BIO 216 Pathophysiology
  • MAT 103 Math for Clinical Calculations
  • 3 credits elective in social science

Note: All general education courses need to be completed before entry into the LPN to ADN program
Note: BIO courses are valid for 7 years from the time of completion to the start of the nursing program

Is CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) required for entry into NJC’s nursing program?

No having your certification as a CNA is not required; however, you do receive points on the competitive admission criteria if you are a CNA. Often times completing the CNA course helps students gain basic skills that gives them confidence in nursing courses. It is also a great way to help determine if the nursing profession is for you.