Brad Abbott - Otis, CO - Physical Therapy MajorBrad Abbott

While I was in the library on campus to take the photo for this booklet, I picked up a book that said, ‘you can do it’ and nearby on the same shelf was another book that said, ‘no excuses’. I wanted to use these books in my picture. That’s exactly what I think about Northeastern. This place is totally geared toward making sure you succeed. The message they deliver day after day to the students here is that we each matter and whatever tools and tutoring we need to get through whatever classes will be available. I have friends who went to other colleges and they are struggling. Some of them are in big places where they are just a number. Others went to places where the students’ success just doesn’t seem to be a priority and they are actually wondering if they will ever get through some of their classes. This is a place where your teachers become your friends and eventually will probably be some of your best job references.
That’s what I like about NJC—everybody is looking out for me whether I know it or not. My future opportunities are probably endless. From NJC, I can go anywhere I want. But who knows, I may decide to come right back home.