Studetn working on engine.  

DPM 101 Diesel Shop Orientation 2 Cr (2-0)
Focuses on maintaining a safe and clean working heavy duty diesel shop. Emphasis is placed on the proper use and care for hand, electric, air and hydraulic tools safely. Covers how to clean equipment properly, to handle and dispose of hazardous materials correctly, and to apply mandated regulations. Emphasis is also placed on proper lifting equipment. (Total contact hours 30)

DPM 206 Heavy Duty Brakes I 3 Cr (1-3)
Focuses on the various braking systems incorporated in heavy-duty trucks and heavy equipment. Includes a study of hydraulic brake systems and covers the diagnosis and service of the mechanical and electrical components. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 207 Heavy Duty Brakes II 3 Cr (1-3)
Teaches instruction in general service and maintenance procedures for the heavy-duty truck air brake system and its related pneumatic components. Operational checks, performance testing, and verifying system compliance with regulations (FMVSS No. 121) will be discussed. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 111 Preventive Maintenance I 3 Cr (1-3)
Enables the student to perform preventive maintenance on heavy equipment and trucks, and complete appropriate maintenance records. Addresses the process of diagnostics and troubleshooting. Focuses on the importance of preventive maintenance. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 211 Preventive Maintenance II 3 Cr (1-3)
Focuses on preventive maintenance on heavy duty equipment as well as recording critical information for customer. Enables students to grasp the importance of preventive maintenance while gaining an understanding of how components work. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 103 Diesel Engines I 4 Cr (2-3)
Covers the theory and operation of diesel engines with emphasis on cylinder heads and valve trains diagnosis and repair. Also introduces the cooling system's importance with diagnosis and repair. Enables students to diagnose, test, and repair cylinder heads and cooling systems on diesel engines. (Total contact hours 75)

DPM 203 Diesel Engines II 4 Cr (2-3)
Covers the theory of operation and repair of diesel engines with emphasis on the cylinder block in big bore engines. Enables students the student to disassemble, inspect, and reassemble engines. (Total contact hours 75)

DPM 106 Diesel Fuel Systems 3 Cr (1-3)
Covers the theory of operation and repair of fuel injection systems. Provides laboratory assignments that involve disassembly, assembly, and service procedures on fuel system components. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 121 Hydraulics I 3 Cr (1-3)
Offers instruction on the basic fundamentals of hydraulics and their applications. Diagnosis, service, and testing along with safety are stressed within this course. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 122 Hydraulics II 3 Cr (1-3)
Offers instruction on the repair, replacement, measuring, and subsequent adjustments of components. Identification and repairing pumps, control valves, and cylinders is stressed within this course. (Total contact hours 60)

ASE 220 Specialized Electronics Training 2 CR (1-1.5)
Provides a systematic approach to automotive electrical systems. Builds from the basic electrical principles and concepts through semiconductors and microprocessors. Features on-bench exercises. Students practice diagnostic procedures that have applications to present and future automotive electronics and electrical systems. (Contact hours: 37.5) Prerequisites: ASE 120

ASE 221 Automotive Body Electrical 4 CR (1-4.5)
Provides a comprehensive study of the theory, operation, diagnosis, and repair of vehicle accessories. (Contact hours: 82.5) Prerequisites: ASE 120

ASE 265 Automotive Heating & Air Conditioning 5 CR (2-5)
Emphasizes lecture and related laboratory experiences in the diagnosis and service of automotive heating and air conditioning systems and their components. (Contact hours: 105)

DPM 105 Heavy Duty Powertrains I 3 CR (1-3)
Focuses on drive axles and universal joints of heavy duty trucks and equipment. Students will cover operations, tests, removal, inspections, and repair of heavy duty drivelines, axles, and differentials. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 205 Heavy Duty Powertrains II 3 CR (1-3)
Teaches students to diagnosis clutch and transmission problems. Focuses on clutch, transmission, additional assembly operation, testing, and repairing. Students will learn removal, rebuilding, inspection, repairing, and replacement of all components. Covers electrical systems on transmissions and related assemblies. (Total contact hours 60)

ASE 123 Automotive Battery, Starting & Charging Systems 2 CR (1-1.5)
Covers the operation, testing, and servicing of automotive battery, starting, and charging systems. Includes voltage and amperage testing of starter and generator, load testing and maintenance of a battery, and starter and generator overhaul. (Contact hours - 37.5) Prerequisites: ASE 120

DPM 222 Heavy Duty Lighting and Instrumentation 4 CR (2-3)
Provides students with diagnosis and repair of lighting systems found on Medium /Heavy duty trucks and equipment. Emphasis on inspecting and testing of electrical circuits, switches and interfacing through data bus with on board computers. (Total contact hours 75)

DPM 140 Heavy Duty Steering and Suspension I 3 CR (1-3)
Emphasizes lecture and related lab in the diagnosis and service of Heavy Duty mechanical and air suspension systems, wheels/tires and pressure management systems. (Total contact hours 60)

DPM 240 Heavy Duty Steering and Suspension II 3 CR (1-3)
Emphasizes lecture and related lab in the diagnosis and service of Heavy Duty standard and air assisted steering along with chassis and frame alignment. (Total contact hours 60)