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Brian Pocock - Ovid, CO - Business Administration Major

Brian PocockRight out of high school, I went to a Nebraska college. I want to play college football and so I signed with that school, only to realize a semester later that it was not a good match for me. I came to Northeastern my second semester.
As a business administration major that wants to eventually go on to Colorado State University where I hope to try to be a walk-on for the football team, NJC has been a great place for me for now.
 I know my classes are going to transfer from here to CSU. I’ve had exceptional teachers at NJC. They’ve helped me realize a number of things about myself which have in turn, made me a better student which I know will be helpful when I move on to the university. I’ve had great facilities to work out in to keep my physical strength good for when I do try out at CSU.  I’m here among some of my best high school friends and we have some fun doing things like playing intramural sports at the event center. NJC is a great environment for area students and we are really fortunate to have such a good school right here so close to home

"The think I love about NJC is that everyone is willing to help in one way or another. Whether it is a teacher or student- help is always there. Also because NJC is small, you have the opportunity to get to know everyone."
Brooke Evans