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Cody Brown

Hometown: Sterling, CO

Cody BrownI enjoy being a business student at Northeastern for many reasons. The opportunity to further my education has always interested me, especially since no other person from my family has done so. The problem was that all throughout high school I had trouble deciding what course of study would be best for me. I took a year off after high school to delve into different jobs to see if they could provide some insight as to what career path I would enjoy. Most of the jobs I ended up landing, however, were less than fruitful.

After a few irritating jobs and heaps of research, I discovered that business is far and above the most employable major in the country. Since a major goal of post-secondary education is to obtain more gainful employment, I naturally decided to look into a business degree, its requirements, and benefits. Much of business and more specifically finance, is math-based, which is a subject I have always enjoyed. I enrolled in the business department at NJC and have created bonds with many of my professors that I’m sure will last long after I graduate.

Justin Camacho

Hometown: Trenton, NJ

Justin CamachoComing all the way from Florida to NJC was a life changing experience. From a large city with beautiful people and beaches, to a small town full of plains and agriculture. I came to Northeastern Colorado on a wrestling scholarship. At first I was having troubles adjusting to a new wrestling team, new environment, even a new state! Leaving my family for a 25-hour drive away is a tough thing to deal with, but with the help of my Plainsmen wrestling family and a welcoming business department is helping me through it. Being part of the business department has made such a positive impact on my freshmen college experience. The classes are fun, teachers are welcoming and the implementation of “Business Bucks” allow a great deal of collaboration between the business classes. Overall, joining the business department was the greatest decision I’ve made.

Naomi Capulong

Hometown: Davao City, Philippines

Naomi CapulongComing from the Philippines with almost 3 years of college and having to start over again as a freshman here at NJC, I was expecting for a lot of things to be different and difficult. Turns out, it just got better. As I continue on as a business student, planning to transfer to a 4-year university for Accounting, I did not have any troubles with adjusting to the new environment. Everybody is friendly - students, staff, and teachers. The teachers I have are very approachable, outgoing, and just genuinely care about my learning.

What I like about NJC is that I don’t feel as pressured as I felt when I was studying in the Philippines. I like how NJC has advisors for each student because they help out keeping track of their degree plans and schedules. Advisors are always willing to help students the best they can. NJC is definitely a great way to kick start your first two years of college!

Kelli CarlsonKelli Carlson

Hometown: Roggen, CO

This year is my freshman year at Northeastern Junior College. I decided to study business because of the impact this education will have on my professional life. Much of life is learned from experience but some must be taught, like business. I am only 4 weeks into the program and I have already learned a tremendous amount of skills which will enable me to better run a company. The classes and instructors make sure we each understand the concepts. Being part of the Business Program is a great feeling and I will encourage current and future students to think about majoring in Business.

Ashley ColchinAshley Colchin

Hometown: Arvada, CO

Northeastern Junior College is an amazing college. I am glad I chose this college. The teachers are especially very friendly. All of them help out every student who needs it. The teachers want the students to succeed and help in any way possible. When I transfer to a 4-year college, after NJC, I will be well prepared. NJC is a great start for college and a great environment. I felt like I belonged here as soon as I started classes.

Cody Darnell

Cody DarnellHometown: Gordon, NE

I came to NJC on a Rodeo Scholarship with a plan to study business. I am not sure what I want to be but I know that a business degree will be a step in the right direction. My teachers are exceptional and I appreciate that they want every student to succeed. I believe NJC is a great step in the right direction for success.

Megan Gerk

Hometown: Haxtun, CO

Megan GerkFrom a young age, I knew I wanted to attend Northeastern Junior College. I live in Haxtun, Colorado which is about 30 minutes from NJC. I chose NJC because it is close to home, many of my family members attended college here and loved it, and I know NJC has great teachers. What I love the most about NJC is the small-town atmosphere, the kind people, and all of the kind employees here.

I had two great business teachers in high school who inspired me to choose business as my college major. Throughout high school, I was very active in Future Business Leaders of America and I knew I wanted to pursue a college business degree. I feel that NJC has an incredible business department. The classes are very interesting and all of the professors truly care about helping us learn. Another great aspect about the business department is that the classes will transfer easily to a university. I love NJC and being in the business department. I would recommend it to anyone!

Alicia GraubergerAlicia Grauberger

Hometown: Brush, CO

I come to NJC to play softball and get an associates in business to further my career goals of working in the Collision Repair Industry. I like the business department because there is a constant flow of energy and excitement that makes learning simple.

Patrick Kunkel

Patrick KunkelHometown: Parker, CO

I grew up in Parker, CO with my parents and younger brother.  After graduating from Chaparral High School, I chose to come to NJC to play baseball and study business.  Someday I hope to start my own business and achieve my goal of being a successful entrepreneur. So far at NJC I have been very happy with the business program and instructors.  The small class sizes allow you to get to know your teachers and understand how much they care about your success; something that you probably wouldn't get at a bigger university.

After NJC I hope to finish my business degree and continue playing baseball at a 4-year university.  It is a great thing knowing that my credits are guaranteed to transfer to any school in state once I leave NJC.  I know what I have learned in and out of the classroom here at NJC has prepared me to be successful wherever I end up next.

Beau Rocha

Beau RochaHometown: Brush, CO

My first college experience wasn’t the greatest. I went to a tech school because I wanted to wrestle and didn’t want to spend a ton of money. Even though I learned how to build a house, I learned nothing on running a business or being a financially independent person. NJC’s business faculty have really helped me establish confidence in myself in the aspect of being a successful individual in the future.  The teachers here are very friendly, and judging by how much help they’ve given me already, I can tell they really want me to succeed and gain as much from college as I can. The classes are relatively small in size and gives school more of a personal feel and more room for individualized help. The students and faculty create one of the best environments I’ve been in. I can’t thank everyone here enough for the experience.