What makes us stand out?

Teachers that Care

At Northeastern, you can enjoy small class size, great teacher to student ratio, friendly atmosphere and transferability of classes to four-year institutions. The Business instructors at NJC have years of experience under their belts and will equip you for your journey into the world of Business.

Students with Monopoly Game.We’ve been providing educational services to this area of Colorado for 65 years. While students from all over the state, country and world make their way to Sterling to study at Northeastern, it seems that many of our area students think they need to leave here to find ‘something better.’ When it comes to an overall academic product, campus atmosphere, and being in a place geared totally toward individual student success, you’d be hard pressed to find a college any better equipped or inviting than Northeastern. And, we can save you some money, too. The reality is, students who want a four year degree can complete two years at NJC, save some money and get a solid collegiate foundation under them in the way of an associate’s degree, and then go virtually anywhere they want to go and finish out an advanced degree. It makes a lot of sense. Consider the fact that recent statistics show that less than 40% of those students who start a four year college degree will ever finish a four year college degree—so starting out at a two year college is just plain smart on your student’s part.