To contact your advisor, please visit the Staff Directory

You and Your Faculty Advisor
As an NJC student, you have an assigned faculty advisor to assist you in the development of meaningful educational plans while at NJC. You are required to meet with your permanent advisor the first day of the semester.

When to see your advisor
  • If you have a question about your class schedule
  • To select courses for the upcoming semester
  • To add or drop courses
  • To discuss academic progress
  • To declare a major or make a change in your major

Why you have an advisor
  • Your advisor is there to assist you in finding resources to identify your career goals
  • To help determine course placement
  • To assist you in planning course schedules
  • To help you meet your graduation requirements
  • To help you with problems concerning classes/teachers

How to see an advisor
  • Any division Administrative Assistant can tell you the name of your assigned advisor
  • Become familiar with your advisor's office hours/schedule
  • Whenever possible, call to make an appointment rather than dropping in without one. You must initiate the contact.
  • Have questions in mind when you go to their office - know what you want to ask
  • When going to your advisor keep an open mind, because they are there to help you
  • Talk to your advisor. They will help you and will try to make things easier for you!

If you have questions about the Advising process at NJC, call Steve Smith in the Counseling Office at (970) 521-6657 or e-mail him at
 Scott Thompson Scott Thompson
M.A., University of Colorado at Denver
B.A., University of Colorado at Denver
B.A., Psychology, University of Colorado at Denver
LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor, State of Colorado
 Pam Berns Pam Berns
M.A., Wayne State College
B.A., Wayne State College 
 Judy Szabo Judy Szabo
M.A., University of Northern Colorado
B.A., University of Northern Colorado
A.A., Northeastern Junior College
 Diane Reuszer Diane Reuszer
MEd, University of Miami (FL)
BEd, University of Miami (FL)
Postgraduate studies in English, University of South Alabama
Postgraduate studies in Communication, University of West Florida, University of South Alabama
Celeste Delgado-Pelton Celeste Delgado-Pelton
M.A, University of Northern Colorado
B.A, University of Northern Colorado
  Donna Brady-Lawler
M.A., Colorado State University
B.A., Metropolitan State College