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Jamie Cecil - Cope, CO - Ag Communications Major

Jamie CecilHaving grown up in a tiny rural community, I found such comfort in knowing I could be at a place like Northeastern Junior College. My parents met at NJC and my older sister graduated from NJC as well. I was excited to continue a family tradition as an NJC plainsman. Tradition is exactly what Northeastern is about. NJC has a tradition of providing students with a valuable life experience. Here, you learn the importance of support, building up your peers, encouraging others to succeed, getting involved and discovering your passions. I’ve heard so many others who’ve come before me talk about the wonderful faculty and staff and the great things that happen on campus. Some of them went to the city, but equally as many have come back to their roots—back to this part of the state and they are doing well. Many of them will say that it was NJC that made the biggest difference in their lives. I’m off to serve as a national FFA officer this year, but I will not forget what I found when I came to Sterling. A great community that really cares about students. Always has. Always will. I was so excited to hear about the Hope Scholarship program. I hope donors realize the important difference they can make in students’ lives. The Hope Scholarship is the beginning of one more great Northeastern tradition!

"NJC was the right opportunity for me. Its' Animal Science and Agriculture Department were second to none. Not only were classes prepared to challenge you and expose you to real life, but their activities and clubs provide opportunities for you to apply your education. I transferred to SCU without faltering because I was well prepared."
Clint Seson
Livestock Judging Coach
Oregon State University


 Zehren Walker - Yuma, CO - Production Ag/Ag Business Major

Zehren WalkerI chose NJC because I know it has a really good agriculture program. It is close to home and the lower cost was a benefit as well. When I am done with college, my plan is to return back to the Yuma area where I’ll hope to help my older brother who took over the family farm. We grow alfalfa and have some beef cattle. We also work with some neighbors who are really big producers by doing some contract farming as well. I’m really hoping that with what I am learning in college that I will be able to bring some niche marketing ideas to our farm operation. Ultimately, I see myself staying in Yuma where I hope to live and raise a family.
At NJC, classes are small and what I am learning is very hands-on and applicable. In my ag economics class, I learned how to do our farm business books better. We’ve always had some cattle around and by just being raised on a farm, I know quite a bit, but learning the formal side of agriculture, like how you scientifically balance feed rations. is finally really helping make everything fit together for me. I’m seeing the big picture now.
I didn’t know about the honors program at NJC until I started school here and I’m in that program now. At NJC, I feel like I’m being challenged, encouraged and I’m engaged in the learning process all of the time.